Homemade Body Scurb For To Remove Dead Skin | CHATURYA BLOGGER

Exfoliation keeps your skin looking bright and remove all dead skin cells revealing smooth , soft and healthy looking skin. Making BODY SCURB at home has so many BENIFITS it’s inexpensive and no added chemicals and gives glowing skin. If you want to be beautiful you should take care all over your body not just your face

These super beauty ingredients are to be found in your very own kitchen.

 Lemon And Sugar Scrub

Lemon helps to lighten the skin while honey works as a moisturizer. Sugar helps to exfoliate your skin.Make this simple and wonderful DIY Lemon Sugar Scrub and leave your skin fresh and glowing.


  • 2 Table Spoons of Lemon Juice
  • 3 Table Spoons of Honey
  • 3 Table Spoons of Sugar


Mix all the ingredients and apply on entire body and massage for 2 min and rinse with normal water repeat this scurb twice in week. so try this out….🤗

Regular scrubbing takes away tan and dead cells and helps in the growth of new cells too. But remember not to overdo it.

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